Friday, March 3, 2006

Trust Issues

Yesterday my cell phone rang while I was at work. Usually only my husband calls. A quick glance at the incoming number told me it was him. I answered it with a friendly hello (you know the kind you give when you know someone) and this lady burst out with, "I just received a text message from your phone number." I told her that I hadn't sent a text message and she continued to harass me in a very forceful unfriendly tone about how she did just get a message from my phone and kept asking me if I knew Mona. I told her that the number that showed up on my screen was my husband's phone number. We have Sprint and they often have strange things going on, so I wasn't too surprised when the person calling wasn't my husband. She said that she was calling on her husband's phone and that a text message from my phone showed up.

First of all wouldn't I KNOW if I had texted someone and second I do NOT know anyone named Mona. I kept telling her this and finally she said, "OK, I am going to save this message and show it to my husband when he gets home." Then she hung up. I think that was a threat...I am not sure how...but I think it was.

I turned to a co-worker and told her what had happened so we both were wondering what in the world that message could have said! That is when I looked back at the number that I received the call from and I realized it was not my husband's phone number! So at least Sprint isn't total messed up! (not totally). My husband phone ends in 54 and the number that came up was 45...otherwise they were identical. So I can just imagine what she thought when I answered the phone all friendly and she had a message on her husband's phone from my phone! (I think they might have some trust issues).

She called back not 2 minutes later and said, "I just called you because I got a text message from you on this phone." I again told her that I had not texted anyone! So then I asked her what the message said. (I know curiosity killed that cat...but then again I am not a cat!) She read it to me and here is what it said, "I am leaving from Sylvan now. See you soon. Love you!"

That is when it dawned on me. I tutor at Sylvan Learning Center and I probably did text MY HUSBAND (not her's), but as I stated earlier the numbers are almost the same. What I didn't state is the fact that I mix numbers up all the time...all the time! So I am guilty of sending out this message, BUT it was innocent.

Now the rest of the conversation with this lady went like this:

I explained that the numbers were very close and it was a mistake that it went to her husband's phone, but I had text that message a few weeks ago! She said, again in a very mean voice, "I just received this text at 4:30 PM TODAY!" I told her that Sprint does have it problems, but I promised I had not sent it today and that it was meant for my husband and that I had just messed up the numbers. Her last comment was, "So you don't know anyone named Mona?" No I don't. To that she said, "OK, bye."

It was embarrassing that I made that mistake (mixing up numbers) and it scared me because I was innocent but still getting harrassed. On top of all that when I don't use my cell to call my husband I have messed up the number (in a totally different way than above) and call someone named Kelly. So far, thank goodness, I have only gotten her voicemail. I bet she wonders who keeps calling her, but at least she doesn't call back!

So now I am totally paranoid about calling my husband! I think I will just crawl into a corner and read a book now!