Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Think My Cat Isn't Normal...As Far As Normal Goes For Cats!

Take this morning for instance. We had some bubble bath sitting on the edge of the tub, and every few days it would leak a few drops into the tub. Now, being a little bit lazy neither me nor my husband had clean it up for a few months. It smelled good (coconut and mango) when new drops fell, so I didn't mind it too much. Well today was all I could take of it so I put some water in the tub and stood in it to wash it away with my feet. Pan must have though this was a new game or something. He jumped on the side of the tub and kept walking around and around it staring at the bubbles, the water, and my feet. He thought about and almost did get in the tub once, but changed his mind. He had his back legs on the rim and kept moving his front legs down farther and farther into the tub. He was almost to the point of no return when he pulled back up to the rim. Then he would go around the tub again on the rim.

I got it all clean and steped out of the tub myself. Of course now it is all bubbly and not draining all the bubbles. So I had a cup I would fill water to pour on the remaining bubbles. Pan had finally got down and decided to put his front paws up on the tub rim while the rest of him stayed on the ground. Of course he decides to do this right under where I am standing. So it looks like I standing right behind him. This was not close enough to all the action for him so he puts his front paws down in the tub and hangs his head over...yes much like a drunk over the toilet...which by the way he does this this hanging over the rim thing with the toilet too. I have to tell my cat...MY CAT...to stop drinking the toilet water!

Anyways, Pan is hanging over the rim of the tub as I try to get all the bubbles down the drain. I finally give up and leave the rest and Pan gets down and heads straight for the toilet, gets yelled at, so then heads to the trash can. At the trash can he gets yelled out because he is constantly digging in it...and you will never guess for what. He is looking for balled up paper. His favorite is balled up paper towels, but he will also get balled up tissue.

Now what does a cat want with balled up paper you might ask. In this case with this crazy cat he wants to bring to me or my husband so that we can throw it for him. That is right our cat plays fetch. It is obessive compulsive fetch...much like a dog. Just so you know I do not throw the things he gets out of the trash...that is gross. But, I do have the distract Pan as I throw it back away or put in the trash can with a lid, other wise he will get it back out.

He really is funny about his paper towels. I will throw it, he will get it, and he will bring it right back to me. He will drop it in my hand if I have it out for him. If I am not paying attention to him he will drop it near my feet then go sit aways from me and just stare. My husband will call me at work to tell me that Pan is staring at him again and it is freaking him out. I tell him the throw the stupid "toy" then. If Pan is persitant in wanting to play and I am not paying any attention to him, he will drop his toy and then put his front legs up in my lap. He will fetch and retreive aggressively until he gets tired. Then he will go get it but not bring it back to me. Either he lays down half-way between where I threw it to and me or he will just come back to me without it. That is when all breath a sigh of relief and can go back to what it was we were doing before.