Thursday, November 30, 2006

Do pants have ears?

At the local bookstore they decided that instead of using the overhead speakers they would use walkie-talkies. This way it would not feel so much like going to Wal-Mart, I guess. How dare they ruin the ambiance of a box store!

So I am standing at the check out and the person helping me stops and says to a coworkers who walked up, "I was paging you on the walkie-talkie. Did you not hear me?"

"No.", says the coworkers pulling the walkie-talkie out of her pocket, "I can't hear from my pants." Everyone standing near by just started laughing. I think I was the loudest. The poor coworkers got slightly embarrassed and was then reminded that she could clip it to her waistband so she could hear it.

She did so and was walking away. She didn't get very far when the person helping me said into the walkie-talkie, "Can you hear me?"

The girl paused, pushed her hip to the side, looked at it where the walkie-talkie was, turned to the person helping me and said, "No."

So apparently she can't hear from her hip either.