Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Things I Learn at Work

We got a most interesting call today at work at the University.  A most interesting call.  The secretary answered the phone and was saying that once a person has graduated they could not change name information in their records.  This is a  common practice among universities.  Apparently this person did not like that answer and asked to speak to someone higher up, so the secretary transfered the person into the boss's office.  Before putting the call through she muted the phone and gave a breif overview of what the caller wanted. I sit right across from the secretary so I hear everything she says and our boss is just inside one door.  We can all hear each other very easily.

The caller wanted the name on record to be changed from Jessica to David.  We all paused and then the call got put through.  We listened to boss say that records could not be changed once a person has graduated unless we have a court order to do so.  My boss fishing around for more information asked if both names could be put on there just so we have a way of keeping track of who is who.  He/she (we all think she was going as a he now) said that no one could know especially since he was a teacher.  So I think we will be getting a court order and a transcript request soon and in that order!

Of course being human we couldn't just let this pass without some discussion and a look at the records to see what this person looked like.  She was here almost 10 years ago, so we had to dig to find this information.  She was definately tom-boyish, but we just couldn't see how she could pass as a man.  So that lead to talk about having to take hormones to be more manly and my boss said, "He will have to take hormores the rest of his life to take care of  his...(pause)...whims."   I almost choked on my soup when she said that.  The student worker proclaimed she was too young for this conversation and the secretary just sat there agreeing with our boss.  This then lead to the discussion of what if he changed his mind (assuming he had had some sort of operation), what would he do then.   It just brought up so many questions without any answers.  Even down to, would he or even could he get his birth certificate changed to state he was a boy??

I don't know and really don't want to know.