Monday, February 26, 2007

Work Meetings, Weekend Fun, and India

The title says it all, but none of them are connected.

I have been appointed to be on the Pandemic Flu Team at work. Here are blurbs from emails I have received regarding this team:
  • -Gloria and Arlene are chairing a campus Flu Pandemic Planning Group to review the government’s action plan and to determine how we can best respond in the event that this health issue becomes a threat in the U.S.-
  • -I am attaching the document. Only the first 16 (out of 38!) pages really need to be looked over. Just look for things that would apply to academics. For example, if the school closes due to a pandemic and the school is closed anywhere from 4 wks to 12 wks what will be the policy or guideline for alternative procedures for completing course work.-
  • -What will be the procedure for students who are in isolation or quarantine to obtain class notes.-
  • -What will be the policy or guidelines to address academic concerns of students absent from classes due to illness or quarantine.-
  • -This document outlines a plan for responding to threats posed by respiratory diseases that have he potential for becoming epidemic or pandemic.-

Do they really think that if there is a pandemic (note: not epidemic, but pandemic!) of flu with people dying that anyone is really going to care about school if there are quarantines going around?? Do you think during the time of the black plague people were concerned about such trivial things??

This weekend my husband and I went to town with $100 in gift cards to the Bass Pro Shop. So you are thinking oh wow, whoopdy doo, what can you get there that is worthwhile? They have loads of things: clothes (not just hunting or fishing!) shoes, camping equipment, and even a restaurant! We ended up staying there for THREE hours! We shopped and both bought a pair of pants. We then ate some great fish (mahi mahi and salmon). Then we shopped for just a little bit more and my husband bought a pair of shorts. Granted that used all $100, but it was fun. Our next adventure will be at Cabela's. It is like the Bass Pro Shop, but it has even MORE stuff. I am so excited and have been looking online for what I might want to get.
I have made new Christian online friends from India. They are a very sweet couple with some extremely cute kids. He is a preacher there in India. I am learning about their culture and they are learning about mine. He was telling me about a wedding that he went to and some of the customs. It does tell you a lot about the culture and how different and more innocent it is from America. Here is bit about it:
"The wedding went so well and after the wedding a very delicious Lunch Wedding Feast was served to all that came to the wedding. There was Chicken Biryani, Chicken Curry Fish Fry, Fruit Salad, Ice Cream, some vegetarian curries, and sweets. Oh we ate so much! My wife and I never had such wonderful food. While we were having the feast many people came to me and told me " Brother, you did a great job today and you preached good words from the Bible". Most from audience are HINDUS! All enjoyed the wedding sermon. Tonight is the wedding couples first night. We call their first night "SOBHANAM".
I want to tell you our wedding culture, that is why I am daring to tell you these things. The groom's parents invite many important people to the new couple's first night. They will arrange a first night feast to all invited people and this feast will be more nicer than the wedding feast.
Please do not misunderstand me, I am telling you our wedding culture. The new couple will be sent to a room tonight after the feast and that room is called first night room. This room will be decorated with flowers good perfumes. The bed will be decorated with many many wonderful smelling roses and if they are rich they will put AC in that room too. Some fruits, so many sweets, some other cookies and two cool drinks are put in the first night room.
The new couple will be sent to this room to spend their first night. So we call all these things SOBHANAM in our Telugu langauge. I hope your new couples are sent to a honeymoon after their wedding. I want to know how your newly married couple will spend their early days of their marriage.
All these things should be going on in the bride's house now. Actually our people won't talk about all these things. They feel shyness to share these things. But, I am sharing with you how our culture is, especially in weddings. Of course I also feel shy but, I wanted to let you know. This that is why I told you. Please do not misunderstand me. Do you know why I am asking you not to misunderstand me? Our people won't talk about these things publicly they feel shyness."
If he could only watch one hour of American television he would know that he did not in any way offend me! :)
I think I lied...the title did say it all, but they are connected in one way....they all involve me! :)