Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring and Rain

Spring has sprung! I am so happy, I hate being cold. The little peach tree in our front yard is starting to bloom. The peaches it produces aren't very good, but still it is cool to have a fruit tree.

spring flowers

The grass is already much greener. The rains have come and are going to come. Unfortunatly it doesn't just rain here, it thunderstorms. See it coming in the distance?

storms brewing

We got 5 inches of rain in two days. It has caused the rivers to swell. Not too bad yet, but if we get much out!

overflow river

And of course my husband just had to stick his feet in the river. He found out very quickly that the water was extremely cold. It may be warming up, but it wasn't that warm yet!

forever the little boy

I love spring!!