Friday, March 9, 2007

Violence in the Streets

My husband came by work to take me to the store to buy a coke for me. What a sweety, right? :) Well, we got our cokes and my husband was paying. I was looking out the front door when all the sudden a guy running with all his might flew around the corner, fell to the pavement, and dropped his cigarettes which went skidding. He looked backed as he got up and the look on his face could have been a smile like he had been joking with some friends and just tripped, but then he jumped up ignoring the dropped cigarettes and ran to the door. These obviously were not his friends, that was not a smile, and this was no joke! In his haste to get in the door he slammed his palm into the glass causing it to break. His hand didn't go through it and it didn't shatter thank goodness seeing how I was very close to it. In fact when that happened I moved very quickly to my husband at the register.

The guy came flying in the door and told the female clerk, "Call 911! Those guys just beat the **** out of me!" There was a trickle of blood that was running from a small puncture wound to his nose. And one side of his face was red. His eyes had a wild look in them. Looking outside again we saw that there were two tall guys out there scowling. Neither of them were little wimpy guys either.

That was the calmest clerk I have ever seen. She got the phone, dialed 911, and even stepped outside to see what the actual address of the store was. Those two guys were still out there at this time, too! My husband was done paying so I told him, "Let's just go." I didn't want to stick around for anything bad to happen. We walked out the door and the guys were still out there, but by the time we got in the car and looked back they were gone.

My husband took me back to work and when he drove back by the cops and ambulance where already there. That couldn't have been more than a few minutes, but all the police and hospital are the same side of town that we were on. I know the town we live in has crime (people live there right?) but I usually don't have a front row seat to the events. I am happy with that and I think that was enough excitement for me for one day!