Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have a Project Around the House You Need Done?

My co-worker shared with me how her daughter-in-law is getting projects around the house done in a very inexpensive way and fairly quickly too!

Her six year old (soon to be seven) is having a "Garden" birthday party this weekend. She is inviting 15 girls around her same age to come to the party. They will of course have all the birthday staples: cake, hot dogs, soda, etc. The activity they have planned is planting flowers in her backyard! Talk about cheap labor!

She was upfront with the parents as to what the kids would be doing and why. She wanted flowers and could never find the time. The parents were all very happy with the idea and one even suggested that she wanted a "Stucco" party, while another suggested a "Painting" party.

So, the next time you look around your house wondering when you are ever going to get to that project...remember this idea. Even if you don't have kids, surely you know someone who does. Invite them over for a "party" and don't forget to tell them to bring their friends!

When you make it look like a party, do the child labor laws go into effect?