Friday, April 27, 2007

New "Limo" School Buses

Along our travels in the great state of Texas we have seen many things, but this one took the cake so to speak. Above is the new "limo" style buses or Mega-buses that one of the nearby school districts are trying out. They figured with these new buses there will only be one engine to upkeep, one bus driver to pay, and they will hold just over 130 students as opposed to just under 50 of the old buses. They of course will have adults who ride the bus to help monitor the students, but this is the only place where money could not be cut. Overall however, this will save the school district many dollars and the taxpayers are ecstatic!

The only problem foreseen at this time is corners, but they are not too worried about it and plan on just letting the buses do the clearing out of all the things in the way as they make the turns. They advise that if you see the bus coming with it blinker on, to just stop and let the bus do it's job. They also want to remind the public that anytime a bus is stopped with the lights flashing and stop sign out that they should come to a complete stop no matter which side of the road they are on.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask them and I should be able to answer them for you. I was able to get the entire story from the transportation department for the district.