Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Can Now Add Goat Herding To My Resume

Notice this little guy and position of the fence. It is behind him...this means one of two things...1) I crossed the street, (we live in the country, so yes there are goats across the street) jumped the fence and trespassed to get this picture or 2) he got out. Now, as much as I love goats (especially baby goats), I wouldn't cross over a fence onto someone property to get a picture of one!

That little goat somehow got through the fence and then proceeded to cry and cry to get back in with the other goats. Do you think the other goats, hearing his cries, stayed with him?? Not hardly, not even his own momma stayed nearby! There is no sympathy among goats I have found.

My husband and I went out there while it was still daylight to help the goat (like we knew what we were doing) and at first we thought he had his head stuck in the fence (wouldn't be the first time!) but to our surprise he was outside the fence. The grass across the street is probably a good 3 to 4 feet high, he was staying right along the fence line and was hard to see let alone get. My husband went on one side of the goat up aganist the fence and I went on the other.

We each started slowly walking toward him as he tried to find an escape, both of us hoping he wouldn't run into the road. That is exactly what he tried to do, of course! Luckily the side of the road is wide and he went around one of us to back along the fence line.

It didn't take much for us to give up, after all we had no clue what we were doing or what we would do IF we had caught him. We hopped in the car and headed over to the man's house who owns the goats, but he wasn't home, so we left him a note and just let it go.

As darkness fell all we could hear was this baby goat crying and crying to be with the others. Then our neighbor (who DOES knows what he is doing) went out there and we saw him so when to help. It is pitch black, we are chasing a goat down with flashlights and our neighbor has a lasso. So now my husband is on one side and our neighbor is on the other up along the fence. I am in the road to create a triangle to catch this goat. Our neighbor throws his lasso, the goat takes off toward my husband, and then right through my husband's legs. I am trying to get the light on the goat and not get hit by the 100 cars that, I swear, came out of nowhere!

We all got into position again and our neighbor threw the lasso, got it around the goat, the goat moved fast, and the lasso slipped right off him. UGH! The goat decides to run towards the road, sees me, runs back towards my husband who practically dive bombed the poor thing to tackle it to the ground.

If you have never heard a goat scream, it is an awful noise. It sounds like a child crying hard. Very eerie. When my husband caught that goat he screamed that horrible scream, but between our neighbor and my husband the goat was picked up and put back over the fence. He ran off bleating into the night.

During the two goat herdings I managed to cut my hand on the barbed wire and my husband managed to rip his shirt on it. Of course, that goat showed no appreciation, but I didn't expect much seeing how I now know about goats and their sympathies!