Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pizza Logic

Some one explain this to yes that means I would love comments you silent mass of peepers! (hehehe...I accidently put peppers first instead of peepers.)

I went to a national known pizza chain (I will not name it, because, well basically, because I can never spell it correctly) yesterday to pick up a pizza. They have ones they keep in a warmer for just a quick pick up and go, but they only choice they have is pepperoni.

I, being thoughtful of calories no matter how slight it may actually be, would have preferred a pizza with only cheese. So, I asked them if they had any in the pick up and go warmer. They said no and wrote up my order for one cheese pizza. The price was $5.99...ok fine....but then I asked what the price was of one of the pick up and go pepperoni pizzas. The price was 50 cents less than just a plain cheese. I asked why the difference and was told that it cost more because they had to make the cheese one and it would take 15 minutes.

So here are my questions....

Did they not make the pepperoni pizzas there since making a cheese one there for some reason cost more? And if they don't make them there, where do they come from??


Was I having to pay for them to remove the pepperoni from one of the pick up and go pizzas and that was what would actually take 15 minutes??


Is the value of pepperoni so low that it actually decreases the value of an entire pizza?

I simply don't know and would like some explainations.