Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stand In Your Underwear?

Mom and Dad and their 14-year-old daughter are finishing dinner at the kitchen table. Their daughter has been quiet. When the meal is over she asks her parents if she can buy a bikini, now that summer is almost here. She has never had a bikini, but she feels like she is ready. Mom and Dad look at each other and ask why she wants one. She pours out her rehearsed reasons for why she should be allowed to have her way.

Her Dad says, "OK, if you want a bikini, stand up and take off your pants and shirt right where you are standing." Her eyes grow large and her face turns red. She sputters, "What? Here?" Mom says that he is serious. If she wants a bikini she must take off her pants and shirt in front of her parents. The daughter refuses and is told she cannot have one.

They explain that a bikini is smaller than most bras and panties and if she cannot stand in public in her underwear, then how could she do so in a bikini? They ask her if she could walk around the house or in front of the neighbors and her friends in her bra and panties. The daughter didn't ask again.

-Richard Mansel