Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Shouldn't Have To Tell You!

A preacher of a small South Texas town, in order to get a little added income, contracted to paint the small frame church used by the congregation. After he got nearly finished and was preparing to paint the tall steeple that topped the church, he discovered that he didn't order enough paint. Realizing that if he bought additional paint he would clear very little profit, and realizing that the height of the steeple made it nearly impossible for the congregation to see, he decided to thin the remaining paint with thinner to make it go further. Doing this, he was able to finish the job without additional cost. As he painted the steeple with the thinned-down paint, he could see that the white paint barely covered the exposed wood.

"But," he thought, "from down there the folks won't be able to see the wood showing through." Just as he finished, a huge dark cloud appeared over the church and a pouring rain came down in torrents. The preacher was dismayed to see the thin white paint running down the steeple. This was sure to expose his deceptive paint job. "What shall I do?" he cried aloud.

From the dark cloud came a booming voice, "Repaint, and thin no more!"