Monday, June 18, 2007

Yesterday There Was Sunshine In My Heart...Make That Face

Sunday evening at church as we sat and listen to the lesson, the sun was shining brightly through the windows. It was nice to see since it had been cloudy all day. As the sun headed toward the western horizon, the flood of light crept along the carpet. It kept creeping ever so closer towards my husband and me. It reached our feet and then climbed up our legs. As it got to our necks, I told my husband that if the preacher didn't finish soon we would be blinded, me before him since I am shorter. It started to get hotter as the sun poured onto us. We wanted to move, but knew the preacher had to be almost done. So we stuck it out. Well he kept a' preaching. That sun found no mercy on us and continued on to our faces. So there we sit the only people in the entire auditorium bathed in sunlight not even able to look up due to the brightness.

Finally, finally the preacher said, "Ok, I am going to end here. Will everyone stand for the invitation song?" We stood up quickly and that put the sun off our faces. Instant relief!

I never thought that I could get tanned while at church!