Saturday, July 7, 2007

Animals Outside Of My House - A Photo Heavy Blog

As I sat here today, I gazed out the window and saw the goats (who I have mentioned before) across the street. But there was one goat who looked strange. Here is a picture, it is the one in the back....can you tell me what type of that goat THAT is??

This got me to thinking about other animals I have seen in and around where I live. Let me share with you what I have seen.

On the porch the other day I saw this fly. It was HUGE! The only thing I did to this photo was move the little fly closer to the big one and add the words. I did not adjust the size of either fly.

Speaking of Texas-sized things, check out the horns on these two.

I have seen lots of "farm" animals seeing how I live in the country. Here is Jeff the rooster. (That is my name for him.)

And here are some sheep I have named Dolly, Molly, and Wally. Please don't ask me who is who but, I think Wally might be in the middle giving me the stare down.

I have also seen some disturbing things among these animals. Take for instance these two pictures. I don't understand why the ducks segregated themselves like this. It just breaks my heart!

The ugliness aside, I do get to see some animals that aren't often seen around here. The buffalo are really neat to see. They are so huge and quite frankly very ugly, bless their little hearts (but at least it is outwardly and not inwardly like the ducks)!

[Side note: Did you know you can say almost anything bad about something or someone and the use the phrase "bless their hearts" afterwards and it makes you look sympathic instead just a gossip? ]

More exotic than buffalo are the zebras that my husband and I saw one day driving home. I couldn't even tell you where we were, but it wasn't very far from home. They started running when the silly little deer that were out there started running, so this is the best picture I got of them. Still very cool though!

And finally the MOST exotic animal ever.....