Friday, July 27, 2007

The Oreo Cow

The other day I was driving home by an alternative route and I saw a cow that looked like an Oreo cookie. It was dark brown in the front and back and white in the middle. I should have stopped then and there and took a picture, but I didn't. So I have been looking for that cow everytime I go down that road.

Today I decided that this would be the day, the day I would see that cow again. I got to the pasture where the cows were and pulled over. To my dismay, there was no Oreo cow. Maybe I was just seeing things that first time. I mean after all I was driving 70 mph!

I did see this however:

So maybe what I saw was an Oreo bull?? And I would like to also introduce:

The chocolate double-stuffed Oreo bull.

Although I am still going to keep a watch for that cow, becuase I know I saw it, this will do for now. Have a good one!