Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Interrupt This Blog...

I interrupt the travel blog for an emergency weather bulletin. Tropical Storm Erin has been causing havoc in the Hill Country and other parts of south Texas! Maybe Frankie and I are just stupid, what other reason can I give to explain why anyone would travel when they know a tropical storm is heading straight for the area they are in? We did it anyway! Our trip into San Antonio today was fine, it was coming back that was bad. It was, of course, raining hard all day, so it, of course, started to flood.

It wasn't while I was filming that video, but another time when Frankie said he felt the car being picked up by the water and moved sideways. I never wanted to be home more in all my life!

Coming home we were trying to get on I-10, we were about 1 mile from it when we came to a low water crossing that big trucks were not even able to cross. The current was very strong. It was scary and there was no way our little car would have made it. So we had to take a detour that was about 30 miles out of the way to get on I-10. They interrupted the radio station to announce that a tornado had touched down in the county we were in, but we were not near it. No one was injured, but it was just a very scary situation.

We did make it home although it looked iffy when we hit that low water crossing. They have a slogan they have to repeat often out here, "Turn around, don't drown." If you have to be rescued by the fire department you can be fined $400 per person in the car, and then the fire department will also charge you. But despite that, in the video you can hear the radio say that the fire department had been called out to over 150 rescues, by 10 that night the number was up to over 180 rescues and over 600 wrecks! Including one man whose car was swept away and he climbed a tree to survive. If you are caught moving a barrier out of the way you can get fined up to $1000 and face jail time.

The wind hasn't been bad at all, but the rain has been and they are expecting more over the next few days. We have gotten over six inches today. Sadly, there have been deaths due to the weather in Houston and in the San Antonio area. Unfortunately Hurrican Dean is right on the heels of Erin and it looks as if it is heading our way as well. We shall see what tomorrow brings, hopefully things will be better.