Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Italians and Me

I was at the local Dollar Tree today just a little before 6 PM. A man and a woman were browsing the same aisle as I was. I am a nosey little son-of-a-gun and was hearing their conversation. However, the conversation was not in English. Being in Texas the default non-English language is Spanish, however, I wasn't quite sure if what they were saying was in Spanish. The lady kept repeating, "Un dollar, un dollar" (We were at the Dollar Tree where everything is a $1!). Now, that sounds like Spanish, but it could also be Italian. They didn't look Mexican and the man was carrying a bag much like a purse (not on his shoulder however). This was another tip-off they were from a much further place than Mexico.

So with great hope that they were Italian, I lean towards them and ask, "Where are you from?" Here is the transcript from there:

The Man: Italy

Me (M from now on): Oh really!! I am trying to learn Italian.

The Man (who will now be called I for The Italian): What?

M: I am learning Italian.

I: Oh! It is not easy. (His English was understandable, but it was not the easiest task for him and it, of course, had an accent.)

M: No, it isn't.

I: Like learning American, it is not easy.

M: Right!

M: What part of Italy are you from?

I: What?

M: Where in Italy?

I: North Italy, in Milan.

M: In Milan or near Milan?

I: In Milan, Milano.

M: Oh good!

I: Not really. Italy is so small.

M: Yes and America is very big. Texas is big!

I: Yes! Big cars, big steak, very big everything!

M: Yes, I know. :)

M: Why did you choose to come to Texas?

I: Every year we come to America and go to a different state. This time we go to Colorado, Denver and then we go to New Mexico and now Texas.

M: Why Kerrville?

I: We are in Bandera.

M: Oh! Bandera is nice. E bello!

I: Yes, it is beautiful.

M: It is piccolo, though.

I: Yes, it is very small.

M: Well it was nice to talk to you.

I: Yes! Good luck with your Italian!

M: And good luck with your English!

I wanted to go back to talk to him some more. Maybe even try out some more Italian on him (more than two words) while I was still on my own home turf. But I just got so overly excited that they were from Italy that my mind didn't get that far. It was a great experience none the less and it just fed my hungry of Italy even more!