Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Something For Everyone Cookbook

I came across this cookbook the other day called "Something for Everyone" by Carol Gelles.

"Feeling like you kitchen is a diner and you're the short-order cook? Your teenager has become a vegetarian; your spouse insists on eating meat. Well, now you can toss out the hat and apron - Something for Everyone is your solution to dinner time. Award-winning author Carol Gelles has found a way to make the whole family happy. She provides a basic main-dish recipe with two different versions: one with meat and one without. By simply dividing the basic recipe and adding a few ingredients to each portion, you've created a dinner that will satisfy everyone and make cooking a snap! And there's no flipping from one recipe to another-the basic recipe and its two variations are right next to each other. It's this simple: you make a basic chili, then add ground beef to half of it to make Chili con Carne for the meat lovers in your family, and beans to the other half to create Two Bean Chili for the vegetarian family members. What could be easier?"

I can answer that! Everyone eats what you took the time to make no matter what your schedule was like or they get up of their tushes and cook something for themselves (which of course would include the clean-up)! The concept of chosing whether you want to make a basic recipe vegetarian or not is nice, but the whole- one family member wants this, another that is a load of dirty dishwater!

Am I being too harsh?