Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Travel Diaries: Center Point, TX to Celina, TX (Part 1 of 4)

Round-trip approximately: 700 miles
Time round-trip: 14 hours (without stops it would have been 12 hours)
Major cities crossed: Austin, Waco, Dallas

We went on a weekend trip to Celina to visit family and to see a major league soccer game (FC Dallas). Frankie and I decided that we were going to get up early Saturday to get our trip started to Celina. About 5 AM, I felt something nudging my hand. In my sleep induced state I couldn't figure out what in the world it was, but I knew something wasn't right. I could just make out a dark figure beside the bed and I could see Pan, our cat, starting to hunch back in fear. The grogginess left fairly quickly and I then realized that is was just our dog, Katie.

The dogs sleep in a room separate from ours (unless it is thundering, then the big babies go to their beds in our bedroom) with a gate to keep them in. Somehow she was out though. If Katie was out then Mac, our other dog, had to be out too. I got up to look for him and couldn't find him anywhere. I got a little worried, after all this was a 70 pound dog, they don't just vanish. I finally thought to look in his bed and there he was, just laying there. My animals are soo strange!

Frankie and I decided we might as well get up and get ready since we were awake. We actually left the house at 6:50 AM, which believe me is quite an accomplishment for us! This was our foggy view for the beginning of our trip:

Not long after we started, here came the sun:

There are some very interesting things to see when traveling. Here for example is a "covered" bridge that crosses over the Llano river in Llano (pronounced: lan-o) and later down the road running beside us was a "covered" bridge for the train.

We took the back way, to avoid some big city traffic. Sometimes taking the back way will allow you to see wonderful things that just let you know you are still in Texas:

Other times, it will only slow you down:

I purposely took the back road so that we could go through this town:

While, it was nice in its own way, it surely cannot compare to the Florence I will one day get to go to! (Firenze, aspetta!!)

Stay tuned for part 2!