Sunday, January 13, 2008

Go Start Stop

I am trying something new with my blog to branch out some. I usually just put things up I find funny, or pictures from trips my husband and I have taken. I want to add blogs that may help someone. You never know who reads these, and I would love to have an impact on someone's life whether I know it or not. Plus, it helps me have a reminder of things when I can put it in writing.

So with that in mind, I had mentioned in a my last blog some new ways to handle bad days. I have some words to share now on what do to with those WONDERFUL days when they come your way.

I love those days and want to have them more often. I know people who feel guilty when they have good days. They don't feel that they deserve them. What an awful feeling! I know others who when they have a great day they start to worry immediately when it will start to go bad. Again, how awful!

Here is a wonderful way to deal with these days to store up the good so that when the bad does come you will have something to use against them.

GO: Go slow and savor the day. They WILL end, of course they will, so there is no need to worry about that fact. Enjoy what you have been given even without guilt for the good days are from God, he provided them. King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 2:24-25, "without God who can find enjoyment?"

START: Start to share the joy of your extraordinary day. Say out loud to yourself, "I am having a good day!" Smile to others as you pass them. In Philippians 2:4 we are told to not only be interested in our own life, but to be interested in the lives of others. Do this by sharing your good days with them. Do this by sharing positive gossip with others instead of only negative. Do this by paying it forward. One last way to do this is by practicing giving others affirmation, everyone craves it, and it is a great way to share your extraordinary day!

STOP: Stop and give gratitude to God for your extraordinary day. Philippians 4:6-7 says that peace comes from thanksgiving. In chapter 2:13 of the same book says to do all without complaining. Complaining only stifles your ability to give gratitude. There is a joke/story that is told of a mother and son at the beach. The son gets swept out to sea and the mother is frantic. She searches for any sign of her son to no avail. Suddenly she sees him again and rushes out to him. She checks him twice over and was relieved to see that he was fine. Then she notices one thing and says to God, "Hey, he went in with a hat!" She lost her ability to be grateful that her son was okay due to an unimportant hat!

So, when you are having an extraordinary day try to remember to GO, START, STOP and those days will come more and the terrible ones will not be as bad. I will try to do the same!

Have a great day!