Friday, February 29, 2008

My Day Off

I decided to take today off. Why not? It is not like February the 29th comes around that often! :)

My day started at the normal time of 6:30 AM. My husband had to get up for work and turned on the radio in the bathroom so staying asleep at that moment was not an option. I got up and turned on the TV. Did you know there really isn't that much on that early? I didn't! I made some coffee, checked my email, and surfed the web.

At around 10 AM I had that fancy thing that happens between breakfast and lunch....what is it called....brunch? :) After that, my cat, Pan, and I had a rousing game of fetch with the ring off the milk jug. It was very entertaining for both of us. Actually right at this moment I looked over and he is sitting staring at me with that ring at his feet. This means he has brought it to me and wants me to throw it.

About 11 AM I went to the post office to mail some books all over the world. Literally! I mailed stuff to San Antonio, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Switzerland, and Italy.

After that I went to town. I stopped at two thrift stores, where I found the mother load of zippers for a quarter each. A QUARTER EACH!! I controlled myself and only bought $3 dollars worth. Normally zippers are anywhere from $1 to $2.50 each so this was an amazing deal!! I can craft my heart out now. I took my time to look around the rest of the store, what a luxury! I can go to thrift stores during the week, but I can't take my time and look around.

My next and last stop was to WAL-MART!! Yaaahooo!! Okay, not really that excited about it, BUT I got to go in the middle of the day when it is not that crowded. Also, I noticed that people smiled more and were friendlier! I was shocked at the difference. I usually have to go after work or on Saturday when everyone else goes and we are all tired. It was wonderful! :)

I got home around 3 PM, made myself a smoothie, and sat down to watch TV. TV in the afternoon is a little better than in the morning. I got to blog WHILE watching TV, which by the way is distracting. :) I have plans to make something nice for supper since I have the time and I plan on cleaning up some at the house.

So give me a day off and I will still be boring, but I will get to boring in anyway I want! HA!

Have a great weekend!