Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Husband, My Hero

My husband, Frankie, and I were watching TV tonight and this commercial came on. A couple were in bed and they woke up to a sound in the house. The husband goes to the top of the stairs and sees someone breaking into their house. When the burglar see the husband he takes off running and the security company they have calls them to make sure everything is okay because the alarm went off.

It was a rather intense commercial, but it reminded me of a time when we lived in Van Horn, TX. We were asleep like the couple in the commercial and woke up to a loud noise. Frankie got up to go to the back door where we heard the noise from. It was in the kitchen so he picked up the first thing he could find for a weapon. He slowly opened the back door. And to his great relief it had been the wind knocking open the screen door.

He flipped the light on to make sure that is all it was. He then looked at his hand to see what he had picked up for a weapon. My dear hero of a husband had picked up not a knife, not even a fork. Oh no, he grabbed the dreaded spatula! I guess he could flip them to death!

But to his credit he did get up and didn't expect me to go check!