Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane

I don't know what bee got in my bonnet yesterday, but I started to think about the things I could remember from childhood. It really came down to remembering things from when I was in a certain grade level.

In Kindergarten I remember the first day of school getting a big golden colored button that said, "Look, __________, is in Kindergarten today!" In the blank they had written in my name. You know what...I still have that button!

In 1st grade I remember getting tested for TB. A letter had gone out a few days before to parents explaining that this procedure was going to occur. My mom had explained to me what was going to happen. I got so upset and sick over it that when the day came, I ended up throwing up in front of the whole class. Which started a chain reaction, I might add. Ewww...

In 2nd grade I remember sitting in my sister's room neatly copying my spelling sentences that we would be tested over the next day. The next day came and I put that nicely written paper in my lap. Every time the teacher told us the sentence; I would lean back in my chair and look at my lap. Someone tattled on me (as they well should have) and I got in trouble. I had to write over and over, "I will not cheat again." I think the teacher was so shocked that it had happened that I was not given a spanking, although I should have been. I remember my mom saying several times, "I don't understand." She was shocked too, by her precious angel's behavior. :(

In 3rd grade I remember our teacher being out because she had a child. I can't recall anything else, so 3rd grade must have been rather boring.

In 4th grade I remember the teacher taking me out in the hall and telling me that I could do better in math than I was doing. It must have really sent a message to me, because by the end of the six week period I was awarded the most improved in math. The funny thing is that I never started to really like math until I got into high school algebra and had one of the best math teachers EVER! All my math teachers in high school were great and it was them that lead me to majoring in math in college.

In 5th grade and beyond it gets hard to separate what happened when because that is when we started to change teachers for each subject. So I will leave you now with my elementary memories. I hope you will share some of yours with me!