Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Appreciate Storytelling Time

One day, long, long ago, there lived a woman who did not whine, nag or complain. But this was a long time ago, and it was just that one day.

The End

You may find this "story" funny or insulting. I chose to focus on it another way. It brought home a strong lesson to me about gratitude or appreciation. I have a friend who blogs almost everyday about the small things in life for which she is grateful. I am sure she goes through her day a much happier person that the one who only thinks of the negative.

I am reading and recommend an e-book that I downloaded from Wowio for free called, "The Power of Appreciation in Everyday Life" by Dr. Noelle C. Nelson. It has three main topics:

The Power of Appreciation within Yourself: How to handle criticism, how to realize that perfection is not something to strive for, how to appreciate your body no matter how it looks, how to handle stress, etc.

The Power of Appreciation within Your Relationships: The relationship with yourself, with boyfriends/husband, with your kids, etc.

The Power of Appreciation with Work and Money: How to handle the demanding boss, how to handle your self-esteem at work, how to deal with financial troubles, how to deal with money in general, etc.

To quote the book: "Appreciation is only meaningful when put into practice. Each of the chapters in this book has introduced ways to practice appreciation. Using the guidance provided throughout as a basis to start genuinely valuing yourself, those in your life, and the world we live in, you'll come almost immediately to realize the true power of appreciation."

I am going to list five things I am grateful for and appreciate (I stop at five otherwise we would be here all day!). :)

1. I am grateful that I believe in God, it gives me hope when it seems that all is lost.

2. I am grateful that I have good Christian parents; I think that has helped me avoid a lot of unnecessary heartache.

3. I am grateful for my husband; he is a very kind and loving person.

4. I am grateful for my friends; they help remind me of all that I have.

5. I am grateful for my job and for Frankie's job, they provide us the money to get the things we need and want.

I hope you will download the e-book for yourself. You have the power to have a good day or bad day when it is just a normal day. If you look for the bad you WILL find them, but if you look for the good you WILL find them as well. You have every morning to look for the good or the bad....which will you choose?