Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Potty Training Time Again!

Yep, it is that time again for potty training....but guess what. I don't even have kids...hmmm explain that one! Ok, I will. I have a cat you see. A very strange cat named Pan.

We potty trained him once. Here is the story if you want to read it. Since we only have Pan again, I want to go back to a no litter box household. Pan is now at the stage where an aluminum roasting pan gets placed down in the bowl of the toilet. (If you are interesting in the other steps, here is a good link. It is not quite the same method I used the first time, but it is close.)

So I went to the store today to buy the pan for Pan. (hehehe!) The lady checking me out asked me what I was planning to cook in the pan. I smiled and laughed a little, slightly embarrassed about what I was about to say.

I leaned in and said, "I am not going to cook anything. I am teaching my cat to use the toilet." She just looked at me and didn't say anything. Then when I left she gave me a strange look, almost like she was mad. I didn't say anything else either, just got my purchases and left. I did find it extremely funny and wanted to laugh, but I don't think the cashier would have joined in!

I bet she thought as I left, "There goes another weirdo!"

Oh if she only knew! LOL!