Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life In The Slow Lane

I have read and heard it on many reduce the amount of gas your vehicle uses you should drive slower. In fact even airlines have announced that in order to save on fuel cost they will be flying the planes at a lower speed.

I have taken this suggestion to heart and have been driving around 55 to 60 miles per hour during the "whopping" 26 miles round trip commute to work instead of the usual 70 that is posted . I have seen a slight decline in my fuel consumption, but let me tell you about the unexpected side effect!

I have become so much calmer when I drive. I am not trying to keep up with anyone else and not trying to beat anyone to the next landmark. If they start tailgating me, since I know I am going slower than the speed limit and it is only a two-lane road, I will pull over and drive on the shoulder. (I know this is probably illegal, but here in the Texas Hill Country it is encouraged and expected.) I can see more of the scenery around me. I actually see flowers instead of just the color of the flower. I am noticing little things that I never saw before. (This of course includes roadkill. I can now tell you just what exactly that critter have to take the good with the bad!) It is nice to just putt along and sing along to the radio.

One thing that I want to take into consideration is the fact that I have to roll with the windows down because my air conditioner doesn't work. You would think that would make the drive horrible, but really it is not too bad and we are talking south Texas people.....temperatures in the mid to high 90's and around 70 to 80% humidity. In fact I think the window down is part of the reason I feel calmer. Slowing down, a "breeze" in my face, the radio blaring to be heard over the wind, and me singing along at the top of my lungs makes for a very enjoyable drive. :)

Call me crazy, but it works.