Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wal-Mart on a Tuesday

When I looked into the refrigerator over the weekend pretty much all I could see was, well, the refrigerator. In other words, we were out of food. We suffered on through Tuesday when I finally had the time to go to Wal-Mart.

So armed with my food list, coupons (I LOVE coupons!), and my good friend Angie, off to the store I went. I was very happy to have Angie with me and even more happy that I didn't have to take Frankie, my husband. You have no idea how glad I was not to take him. He was just as glad to not have to go! Plus, having a friend go with me, as opposed to going alone, helped me feel braver about taking pictures. Aren't you so lucky!

Now, may I please present to you, Wal-mart on a Tuesday!

Angie and I started off in the pet section. I had two GREAT coupons to get $2.00 off a Nylabone for each of my dogs (making them around 50 cents each and making my dogs very happy). Unfortunately, they didn't have any. (Sorry puppies, Mommy will look again before the coupons expire.) I did find something hysterical on this aisle:

Look familiar?

Now this pre-packaging calorie control has trickled down to our fat pets. Seriously, if your dog is overweight, should you be feeding it snacks in the first place?? Back to the picture, I don't think you can see it but it says "8 Grab -'n-Go Pouches Inside". Um....ok.....that is important and needed because....?? Can someone tell me why anyone would need a "grab and go" snack for your dog?

There are other things that make me stop and go....huh? For instance:


Are the people who eat pop tart like food, the same ones who are really concerned about it being organic? I just don't know. Do you?

The next section that required a picture is not a "huh?" section but a "whoa!" section. These are the buy in bulk economy tubs (yes, tubs would be the right word to use here) of food. This picture is for my husband, who loves this section. (Look Frankie, see that big can of cheese....try to contain yourself!) He just likes to look at the huge quantities of food in one gigantic jar and dream of all the possibilities. Is this a guy thing or just a Frankie thing?

Beyond the gigantic food section was the canned tomatoes. Let me tell you about the coupons I had. They were for Muir Glen organic diced canned tomatoes. A can of the Wal-Mart brand diced tomatoes cost 48 cents. Muir Glen cost $1.12 for the same size. So, almost needless to say, I had never bought them. But enter the coupons...oh the glorious coupons. $1 dollar off any size or variety of Muir Glen product. ONE DOLLAR! You just can't beat paying only 12 cents for a can of diced tomatoes, let alone ones that are organic and even fire roasted! Wouldn't you just love that price? Go here to get it! (There is a small download and usually you can print the coupon twice if you use the back button.)

I have been finding some great printable coupons online lately. But sometimes, even with a coupon things cost more than I want to pay. Instead of letting those coupons go to waste I will leave them near the product so that some one else can use them. Angie thought that was very benevolent and wanted me to take a picture for an example.

Now, after all that and after standing in front of the Kashi products for a good five minutes trying to decide which product to use my $2 off coupon on (When Frankie heard this he was even MORE glad he didn't go), I was ready to check out and so was Angie. We hunted for the shortest line....which on a Tuesday evening wasn't too hard...and unloaded. I told the checker that I had coupons as she started to ring up my purchases and I went ahead and swiped my debit card.

She got done and said, "Your total is $73.67." right as I said, "The coupons!"

Too late....the process was through. She sighed. I sighed. Angie sighed. I am sure the lady behind us sighed.

I wasn't about to say, "Nevermind, I will just use the coupons later." No way, no how...and you will see why. She called a manager over who said that cashier was going to have to ring them up all over again. I, of course, already had them all bagged and in the cart, but I was willing to take them all out. Angie and I told the lady behind us to go ahead and check out. I didn't want her to have to sit through that again.

The manager wanted to try it a different way and had me go to customer service with her. They went through all my coupons and checked the receipt to make sure I had actually purchased the product. Then she rang up every coupon and gave me the cash. All totaled, I got back $25.45!!!! TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS FROM COUPONS!! I was shocked. I knew I had a lot, but I didn't realize it was that much. I was very ecstatic in a way that only saving money can make me! :) That bill of $73.67 just dropped to $48.22 and I had purchased 41 items.

It was the happiest moment of my life! :) OK, maybe there are a few things that were better, but this rates pretty high!

That rounds up my Wal-Mart on a Tuesday story. I know that I like to read about ordinary people doing ordinary things, so I hope that you enjoyed this blog. Seriously, if you got this far something held your attention. :) Please feel free to add comments and have a great day!