Monday, July 28, 2008

Credit Freeze

Frankie and I decided that we didn't want to commute two hours a day to our new teaching jobs while saving money for a house. So we started looking for a piece of Texas that we could just move our current house onto it.

We got pre-approved for a loan and the mortgage company asked for information to be sent to them. One thing they want is a copy of both of our social security cards. No problem, except there was a problem. I couldn't find them!

We had a place where we were keeping them, but Frankie decided that it wasn't safe enough so he asked that I move them. I remembered that much, but not where I put them or when I had moved them. We searched high and low for those things for about a week. I knew that it was not just the social security cards that I had moved. There were also some credit cards that we have but don't use regularly with the social security cards.

I wasn't getting panicked yet, but I was dreading the thought of trying to remember what credit cards had been in the stack and having to replace the social security cards. We might have to put a freeze on our credit until it got settled and what if it took a long time for the social security cards to be replaced? We needed them to make copies to send to the mortgage company, now! It would be a pity for this to be what kept us from moving...lost social security cards!

Last night I prayed to God to please let me remember where I had put them. I relaxed and started to read my book before going to sleep. I paused my reading to pet Pan, when suddenly a thought came into my head.

I got up and said to Frankie, "Do you remember when we left for Connecticut in December; you said that the social security cards and credit cards were not in a safe place and you asked me to move them? I think I remember where I put them now!"

I go into the kitchen and open the freezer and start searching. (Yes, the freezer.) I told Frankie that I remembered putting them in here, but I couldn't remember if I had taken them out when we got back. After searching every possible place, it is not like it is that big, I still couldn't find the cards!

But wait!

I had taken the coffee out of the freezer just a few days ago and put the half used box in the fridge. Sure enough, right in the box of fancy decaffeinated coffee, nestled beside the gold foil sat both our social security cards and our credit cards. And to think, I almost, almost, almost threw that box of coffee away. No...never mind....I don't want to think about that. It is one thing to lose things in your house, but to have it turn up who knows where in who knows whose hands....oh perish the thought!

I asked Frankie if we could just put the cards back where they had been and he agreed. So our credit is no longer, literally, frozen and I can make copies of the social security cards for the mortgage company.

Oh the things we do!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Outer Bands

Yesterday, after work, as I walked out to my truck, fat drops of Hurricane Dolly's outer bands began to fall on my head and shoulders. Then as suddenly as they started they stopped. Driving home I could see the dark clouds in one direction and the sun trying it's hardest to shine in the opposite direction. It created a very surreal feeling.


Now you have to realize that we live 5.5 hours, almost 350 miles, away from where the hurricane hit and we are still getting some rain from it! Thank goodness, but wow!

The closer I got to home the darker it was getting, then within seconds, it was pouring rain, the wind was whipping trees and traffic lights back and forth. The sky became dark as night, I couldn't see out my windshield even with the wipers going as fast as possible. The sound was deafening! It was scary, I could feel the truck pulling and occasionally slipping on the wet pavement.

I continued home, at a much slower pace, of course, and soon drove out of the rain and wind. The sky lightened and a nice cool breeze was left in its path. I have no air conditioning in my truck so that was VERY nice! Later that evening the sun tried one more time to shine and it created the most beautiful sight.


The picture does not do it justice. The light that was able to come through bathed everything the warmest orange color I have witnessed in a long time.

We will get more rain today, maybe tomorrow and then the chances of rain evaporate. It has been so dry out here that the grass looks like winter, so any moisture is good and we are grateful.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crossing The Road

I have witnessed many different things cross the road.

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Deer (way too many)
  • Trash
  • Tumbleweeds (in west Texas)
  • Javelinas (again in west Texas)
  • Dirt Devils (I think other people might call them whirlwinds)
  • People, and yes even
  • Chickens (Which I had to stop and wait for. After all, they were in the crosswalk. I am being serious)

But today marked the first time in my life that I have seen this particular thing crossing the road. I was on my way to work and saw something up ahead.

I thought to myself, "What is that?"

As I got closer I could make it out better and I thought, "No can't be...can it?"

I past it and sure enough, what I had just witnessed crossing the road was a:

I didn't take this picture, but it is a good representation of what I saw.

So now I have to be on the look out for those native Hill Country wild peacocks!

The list just keeps growing. *sigh*

Friday, July 11, 2008


There have been many changes going on in my life. I haven't been able to say anything about them until now. First of all, Frankie got a teaching job! Hooray! He will be THE special education teacher for Jr. High and High school at a very small school district west of San Antonio.

Second piece of news, this same school district had a secondary math opening for which I applied and got. So I am going back to teaching after a 4.5 year break from it. I will be one of two math teachers for the Jr. High and High school. I will be teaching....Are you ready for this?...7th grade math, 8th grade pre-algebra, 9th/10th grade geometry, and calculus. I am tired and it hasn't even started yet. :)

I have been breaking to the news to the people I work with and so far have only gotten called a jerk, a turkey, and a traitor. Things are looking up! :)

Frankie and I are trying to figure out how we can move. Houses and land in this area are expensive and we are short on money. We can commute since it is an hour one way but that is not the most ideal situation. I am sure something will work out and therefore I am choosing to NOT worry about it.

So this brings me to my third and final piece of news for today. We bought a new car! Our old car had almost 180,000 miles on it and since we knew we would be commuting for a little while at lease, a new car seemed like a good move. This way we will not end up broken down somewhere between home and school in the middle of nowhere (literally) like we would have when the other car decided to give up the ghost, so to speak. Here is a picture (taken at one of our favorite places) of our new 2007 Pontiac Vibe - Benjamin.

Hello, Benjamin! You are mommy's cute little sports wagon aren't you?
Yes you are! You are a pretty boy! Yes you are!