Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Outer Bands

Yesterday, after work, as I walked out to my truck, fat drops of Hurricane Dolly's outer bands began to fall on my head and shoulders. Then as suddenly as they started they stopped. Driving home I could see the dark clouds in one direction and the sun trying it's hardest to shine in the opposite direction. It created a very surreal feeling.


Now you have to realize that we live 5.5 hours, almost 350 miles, away from where the hurricane hit and we are still getting some rain from it! Thank goodness, but wow!

The closer I got to home the darker it was getting, then within seconds, it was pouring rain, the wind was whipping trees and traffic lights back and forth. The sky became dark as night, I couldn't see out my windshield even with the wipers going as fast as possible. The sound was deafening! It was scary, I could feel the truck pulling and occasionally slipping on the wet pavement.

I continued home, at a much slower pace, of course, and soon drove out of the rain and wind. The sky lightened and a nice cool breeze was left in its path. I have no air conditioning in my truck so that was VERY nice! Later that evening the sun tried one more time to shine and it created the most beautiful sight.


The picture does not do it justice. The light that was able to come through bathed everything the warmest orange color I have witnessed in a long time.

We will get more rain today, maybe tomorrow and then the chances of rain evaporate. It has been so dry out here that the grass looks like winter, so any moisture is good and we are grateful.