Friday, August 22, 2008

Five Days Down One Hundred Eighty-Two To Go

My week started off very sad with my granddad's funeral in Houston on Monday. It was very hard to go to and I am fighting tears now writing this. He had a military funeral (he was a WW II veteran) including a flag covered casket and a 21 gun salute. They presented the flag to my grandma and tucked into a small cloth bag that held three of the bullet shells. My dad asked for the flag and I was given the shells. My grandma is holding up better than I thought she would, but her faith is strong and I know she will be okay as time goes on. I was able to see family that I hadn't seen in years so there was some good on Monday.

Frankie and I missed the first day of teacher orientation due to the funeral. It really threw off the rest of the week. I know there are things that were talked about that we missed, but either we will get told or it wasn't important enough to begin with. :)

The little school we are working at is going to be a good one. On Monday the Lion's Club served steak for lunch for all the teachers (we missed it). On Tuesday the school board invited all the teachers to supper (we missed it too since it started at 7:30 PM and it is an hours drive would have been too much). On Wednesday the Chamber of Commerce invited all the new teachers to a lunch and gave each of us a sponsor. The sponsor is there for anything we may need in the community. This is awesome, no other community I have been at has done this. And then today the teachers decided to have a pot luck for lunch. It sounds like I am judging the goodness of the school by how much free food we have gotten! HA! There is more to it. Everyone has been great, very nice and helpful. It is hard to go into a new job where everyone knows each other and the person I am replacing had been there for over 20 years! I am glad I have Frankie there, it helps.

So five days have past out of our 187 days for the school year and they have been hectic! We both have been very overwhelmed with all the stuff we will be dealing with come Monday. In fact, I need to get some work done now with lesson plans and such, so until later...! :)