Monday, September 29, 2008

The Smallest Town In Texas

The first town Frankie and I lived in after we got married had a population of just under 3,000.

The next town and the current one we live in (for a few more weeks) has just under 2,500.

The town we are moving to has a population of just over 1,000.

If we keep this up we will end up in a two person town called Frankifer, Texas.

Can you guess who will lives there? There will be more animals than humans!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Insults And Dirty Talk In Math Class

I managed to insult my calculus class and talk dirty to them all in the same week. I will try not to bog this blog down with a lot of math, but I do need to explain that first sentence.

We have been working with functions (aka. equations) and how to find the derivative (just nod your head) of the functions. Functions start with f(x)= and it is said f of x or just f -x just like it looks. One of the procedures we had to do required us to look at f(u) instead of x.

Without even thinking, I said, "What would f-u be?"

I stopped instantly and said, "Oh my, that sounds really bad!" I then got sooo embarrassed. If you know me then you know that I do not cuss. "Crap" is the strongest word I use. So my uttering this abbreviated version of a certain insult really throw me off. The students (all seven of them) were laughing and I was laughing too, but I was really embarrassed. My cheeks were burning and tears were squeezing out from laughing.

From then on out I would only say, "What would that other function over there be?

The next day the topic of discussion was implicit functions (give me that look that shows you are pretending to understand). I had to tell them that most the functions we have dealt with in the past were called explicit functions. I kept repeating the word explicit, explicit, explicit....

I told the class, "My gosh this sounds so dirty!" They laughed but they did agree. I told them to please not to go home and tell their parents that I said f-u to them and then we talked about explicit things!

What are those teachers teaching in school these days? Why, I do declare!!! :)

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weeks Two and Three

The last two weeks went smoother than the first week of school. I know and can pronounce all the first names of my students and some of the last names. I need to work on getting all their last names in my head. I have less than 100 students so I SHOULD be able to do this! :)

Here are some things that I have noticed/learned these last two weeks.

First, if I want homework papers graded I have to let my students do the dirty work. Of course, this has shown me that some of those 7th graders (they are going to come up often in this blog, I am afraid) can't follow directions if their lives depended on it, and I mean that in the most literal sense. If someone said, "Put graded by and your name at the bottom of the page or I am going to take your life." There would instantly be at least five less 7th graders the first day, 1 or 2 less the next day and then I think it would only be an occasional one lost over the rest of the school year.

Second, the school district blocks all the cool websites. :( Including any and all online radio sites. I use music as a reward and have been searching and searching for a site that lets me play current music for the students. I think I am going to have to burn a CD of my own music to play. It may not be their taste, but I think I have enough to make a decent mix. I just hope the computer at work has a program to play mp3's so I can fit more on a disc.

Third, when I am working on school work at home, the cat thinks he must sit on the book or paper I am working on or he gets in my lap. I don't know if he thinks he is helping or just wants to be a pest. No, I know he just wants to be close to me...he is my precious kitty. I have handed out papers to the students and have seen an occasionally Pan hair float to the ground. I just smile and continue on my way.

Finally, leaving the house at 6:30 AM and getting home anywhere from 5:30 to 6:00 PM stinks and I will be VERY glad when we move. An hour one-way is not fun. We found some land and the closing is this Tuesday so hopefully by the end of next month we will be completely moved. They are still laying water pipes, we have to have the septic tank dug, the electric poles and meter need to be put in, and THEN the house can be moved. Once we get moved it will all be worth the hassle. We will be only 1.2 miles from the school. We will not know what to do with all the extra time. Hmmm...sleep comes to mind! :)

Well that is all for this week's update. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great week!