Saturday, October 25, 2008

Small School - Many Hats

As I sit here writing this blog, I can hear my husband in the bedroom snoring and the cat laying beside me snoring as well. I want to wake them both up because that noise drives me bananas!!

We are still commuting to work.....sigh.....but there has been some progress. We own the land now! Hooray! We are the proud owners of an acre of Texas soil! There is also now a crushed rock pad just waiting for the house to be moved onto it. The "city" (term used loosely because really it isn't even an incorporated town since it is so small) has finally finished put in the water pipes. They still need to put in a water meter, but we have been waiting for the pipes for over a month. So the water meter, the electric poles, and electric meter need to be put in before we can move our house. It really shouldn't be much longer now and I am so looking forward to moving!

I am really enjoying my new teaching job. The kids are great and my coworkers are wonderful! I wasn't sure if I would like being in such a small school because of the extra work that would be involved, but I like the variety of my day. I teach Jr. High math, Geometry, and Calculus and only have to repeat one lesson a day with the two Geometry classes. In a bigger school I would repeat the same lesson 6 to 7 times a day and it gets old.

All the teachers teach a wide variety of classes, but what cracks me up when when I find out the multiple hats some of the administration wear. The principle of the Jr. High and High school is also the golf coach. The nurse is a bus driver, the girl's basketball coach, and a UIL coach. (UIL is the rules and regulations of athletics and academics for Texas, but when I say a UIL coach I am talking about the academic competitions in which the students compete against other students in Texas. I am the number sense (a.k.a. doing math in your head) coach.) The athletic director has to teach....gasp! But the best one is the fact that the superintendent...the superintendent...has taken up one of the UIL competitions herself.

It is great working at a small school!