Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From One Town To Another: A Moving Story

We are moved! Finally, finally, finally!

We moved our double-wide house to be closer to our jobs. Since the house was being moved we really didn't have to take the stuff out of the house. We did have to pack breakables in boxes and lay bookshelves and things like that down. After days of "packing" we were ready for the house movers.

On November 25th the house movers came to split our house and move it.

Frankie and I were in our new town waiting for the house when we saw it coming down the road. We were so excited then we saw something that made our stomachs flip and great dread fill our hearts.

The plastic was torn! All our things were in there!! (Hopefully!) Once the movers got to the land we asked them about the plastic and the said that it happened about 10 miles away from the land so it wasn't as bad as we thought. And they saw it as soon as it ripped and slowed down. They did a wonderful job! Because of the size of the haul they had to go the round about way through San Antonio. I could just imagine my couch flying out on the interstate in San Antonio! That would have been bad! But all was well. The worse thing that happened was that a tree branch poked a small hole in the bedroom wall when they were bringing it actually on our land and we can fix that.

Before we could move into the house we had to wait for the septic installation, water pipes laid, and electricity hook-up. For one week we were living in a hotel. It wasn't idea but at least we had that option. Once all utilities were up and running we got to move in. Official move in date was December 2, 2008. Then our work began.

Our first project was to get a fence up. I don't have a finished picture (we are finished) but here are a few in the process pics.

We still have several things to do, but the weather is crazy this time of year. One day it can be 80 degrees and that night you could have something like this:

Yes that is some form of frozen precipitation! It was gone soon after that, but this is how the weather has been...well no more frozen stuff because that would mean there was moisture and we haven't had any of that in a LONG time in south Texas.

I am just happy to be moved and ready to finish up all the projects we still have so that it will feel like home because as the saying goes,"There is no place like home!"