Monday, November 10, 2008

What A Day!

I will be grateful when we finally are moved. I keep saying that we will move soon and it has to just has to! We are waiting on a water meter and then we can set a date to move the house. Maybe in time for Thanksgiving....

I can't believe how fast the price in gas has dropped. That has been a huge blessing to us. The town we have to pass through everyday has the cheapest gas around. This morning when we passed by Wal-Mart it was $1.78 so we had to stop! Which then made us late...we got to school and 5 minutes later the bell rang! Oops. :) We are good teachers and set a good example! LOL!

One of the other teachers was watching the parking lot which we all take turns with some duty or another in the mornings. She said that whoever had the duty for the morning didn't show up so she was filling in. She went on to say that since this was a new six weeks that they probably forgot. WHAT?!? I thought we had one more week of the six weeks. Double Oops!!

OH NO GRADES ARE DUE!!! Triple Oops!!!

She then said that whoever had the duty on Friday's last six weeks was suppose to be out there today. Guess who that was... Quadruple Oops!!!! And all this was before 8:00 AM.

I managed to make it through the rest of the day without anymore Oops. But tomorrow is only a few hours away!

I wasn't the only one to Oops today though. At 4:00 PM the band direct sent out an email saying that the members of the band would be involved in a Veteran's Day Celebrations and would be out all Tuesday morning. So there goes half of the students in my classes tomorrow morning. I will have four 2nd period and I will teach those four the best lesson they ever had!! LOL! At least my Oops didn't effect that many people.