Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And They Call Chicago The Windy City

Yesterday the wind blew fairly hard all day. It was really just a pain in the rear (it mussed my hair!) but nothing to worry about. Then the sun went down.

Oh man, the sun went down! The wind didn't just pick up, it started HOWLING. I haven't seen winds like these since I was a kid growing up in west Texas. I would have to estimate that it was a steady 35 mph with gust reaching even higher.

At around 3 AM it was blowing so hard that it woke me up. I just knew our house was going to fly off its foundation. (Ok, slight exaggeration, but still it was bad.) Not long after that there was a loud crash as something flew into the side of the house. Neither one of us got up to check. I really think that if we had tried to open the front door it would have been ripped off the hinges and that part I am not embellishing.

The wind finally did settle down and by day break it was within normal range. We went outside to go to work and that is when we saw what damage had occurred. Our poor shed didn't make it through the night.


Frankie and I saw it and just started laughing. What else could we do?

The shed was as tall as the fence and we could fit the riding mower in it. As you can see the roof is at the end of the fence line and the sides are all around. But notice, if you will, the portable BBQ grill on the mower. It didn't move. The walls collapse around it and it doesn't budge! Tell me how is that possible??

We need trees! Hopefully the wind will stay calm, but with spring starting somehow I doubt it. :)