Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wii Baseball Math

The game that come with the Nintendo Wii has a training module for the different sports. This evening Frankie and I were playing the baseball training that is suppose to help you learn control. You have to hit in certain area and you get points based on which color it falls in or in other words how well you do.

I wanted to figure out how the points were determined. So I played a round and saw that I got so many white stars and blue stars which equal 22 points. Then Frankie played and got his stars with them equaling 26 points.

So I set up this system of equations to try to figure out the point system and made this complicated mess. Frankie then suggested that we hit one ball into one of the colors and then miss all the rest to see what score this gave us. We tried this several times and finally, finally, finally after about 3o minutes we got it figured out.

We both love to figure things out like that....we are such nerds. It is one of the reasons I love my husband, he indulges me in my mathematical whims!

Oh and in case you were wondering:

If you hit the ball in the white area it is 3 points.
If you hit in the light blue area it is 6 points.
If you hit in the dark blue area it is 10 points.
And if you hit the ball but miss the color areas then you still get 1 point.
No points are given if you miss the ball completely.

You have no idea how happy knowing this information makes me. :)