Sunday, March 15, 2009

Planting a Tree...Make That Sixteen of Them

Ha! Ha! Now it is stuck in your head too!


Frankie and I went to Home Depot and Lowe's today to price trees. We have an acre of wide open space that we need to farm something on. So we are going to plant some trees this spring. The cheapest we found were around $15 to $25 each. We wanted at least five, so this was starting to add up.

We came home and I was looking online to see what other options there were. I came across the Abor Day Foundation Tree Store website. It was loaded with specials. For $10 we became members for 6 months and got 10 free flowering trees shipped to us that will grow in our hardiness zone in time to be planted for spring. (We are all the way down in zone 9!) Then I started looking through other trees that are good for our area and the prices were great. The trees will be smaller than what is found in the store but I think it is a good trade off.

After picking two trees, I checked my cart and saw that with every membership purchase we received a free tree! It gets even better. It also said that if I buy $7 more in trees I would get two more trees free! Plus, shipping is a flat $4.95! So the total number of trees we are getting is 16 for a price of around $40! This was the price of 2 trees at the store! Plus, these come from the Abor Day Foundation so it is a trusted source. I am so excited!

Here is a list of all the trees we will be receiving soon:

Pictures will follow once they are all planted!