Thursday, March 5, 2009

Standardized State Testing, Puke, and Fighting

The title sums up my week. Doesn't it sound like it was a dream week?! Are you jealous yet?

On Tuesday the students took the English Language Arts portion of the standardized state test. In Texas it is called the TAKS test (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills). They have other subjects they have to take as well, including math which I teach, but they come next month. In my opinion these tests suck. I hate these test. Enough said.

Also on Tuesday, after lunch, most of the kids were finished with the TAKS test. So instead of keeping all the kids cooped up in the same room all day they moved the ones still testing and let the others go on to their regular classes. There were a few in my room still not done so I was walking them over to the new room when one of them said to me that he thought he was going to throw up. That is all the warning I and the other kids walking to the new room got. The poor kid lost it in front of us all. I am sooooooooooooo glad we were outside. I almost lost it myself. It was nasty, remember this was AFTER lunch. Oh my gosh it was soooooooooo nasty. The next day other teachers decided it was puke story telling time. I got queasy all over again. It was that bad the day before. Eww.

Today the day was going along nicely until the passing period between the last two classes of the day. I walked out into the hall to monitor the kids and saw two Jr. High kids fighting each other, mostly pushing, but still. Crap! I was the only adult out there at that moment so I hurried over there yelling these two boys names. Another Jr. High kid had his arms around one of the boys trying pulling him back away from the one he was fighting. I threw my hands out to them to try to get them to stop and tried pushing them away from each other. Someone, not sure who, stepped on my foot. I yelled at the boys to go to the office and I made sure one went on ahead as I grabbed the other by his jacket so he wouldn't attack the first one again. Then I walked with him to the office following the first one.

So you are thinking, oh Jr. High kids, little guys. Not even. Both of these boys are taller than me, one of them by almost a foot. They both outweigh me by a good 40 to 50 lbs each and I am not a skinny girl by any strecth of the imagination. In fact, another boy was trying to help break them up and one of the fighters just picked him up and moved him out of the way. That is the first fight that I have had to break up in my five years of teaching. I doubt it is my last if I stay in this profession. I have just been lucky.

But guess what! After next week it will be spring break! And I will have a full week away from the little darlings! :) I can't wait!