Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trees Are My Friends

Today, finally, after about a week of saying I would and then not doing it, I planted my trees!

I had plans to get up early and work while it was cool. Frankie would be gone most of the day at a tennis tournament (he's the coach!), so my plan was going to work out nicely.

He would come home and see all the trees planted and say, "You have worked very hard today. Let's go out and eat so you don't have to cook." Wait, wait...he would want to go out to eat even if I had sat on my butt all day. He likes to go out to eat if he is tired, because he doesn't want to cook and if he is tired then I probably am too and wouldn't want to cook either....but I digress.

I, of course, had to finish my coffee before I could start planting trees. So after coffee time which ended at 12:30 PM. (It is a Saturday after all people!) I made it outside for my task. I had put the trees in a bucket of water to soak for 3 hours as the Arbor Day website said to. So coffee time wasn't a complete do nothing...the trees had to soak. :) (Baptized trees were my saving grace! LOL!)


With my computer set in the window so I could hear 90's alternative music, I set to work. I got the two forsythia trees planted. They are tiny. I can't even see them from the house! But they were freebies so shut my mouth! They are the first to put out leaves, small but mighty.

little forsythia

Look at that baby reach for the sky!


An hour had past and it was way past lunch! So I stopped laboring to eat a sandwich. It was starting to get hot out too. I checked the weather and it said it was a pleasant 76 degrees. There is no way it was that cool. I think someone was smoking crack at the weather channel.

After lunch, I headed back out but not before putting on sunscreen. Remember children, sunscreen may smell like bananas, but don't eat it! I didn't think planting trees would take sooo long! Frankie made it home while I was still out there...there goes my meal out! (Yeah right!)

There were some tense moments while digging. I unearthed this:



In my attempt to not startle the beast I suppressed a blood curdling scream. Slowly I sneaked up on it, scooped it in the shovel, and flung it across the yard! I was safe again and so was my most prized tree. My cherry tree!

cherry tree

I know not much to look at now, but you just wait!

I still have my apple trees that my mom gave me to plant, but hey they are already sitting in dirt so they should count their blessing instead of complaining all the time! I will get to them this evening when the temperature really gets into the 70's (not the crack induced 70's!).

apple trees

Do you see who is in the window? The ever present supervisor. Man, he is always riding my case! :)

I hope you had a productive Saturday and yes just getting your coffee down the hatch counts! :)

P.S. I am blogging this outside! I love wireless and spring!