Sunday, June 14, 2009


To us Connecticut equals family.

Nieces and Nephew

We would NEVER go there for any other reason that I can think of. It is just too crowded for us and the state is too small. We are to use to our wide open spaces and super-sized state.

Plus, I don't think that I could ever get adjusted to winters up there! It was "cold" while we were there and it was the beginning of June. Texas temperatures were in the high 90's even up to the 100's. Texas doesn't have a reputation for being hot in the summers for nothing! But, in Connecticut it never got out of the 60's to 70's. That was of course a nice break for us, but I tend to like the heat.

I don't want this to be a bash Connecticut blog, there are some wonderful things up there. It is beautiful. Very green and lush, especially compared to our drought stricken south Texas. There are animals there that just don't like the heat of Texas unless it is fly by on their way to other places.

geese and babies

geese and babies in water

Here are just some facts about Connecticut that you may or may not know.

  • The sun comes up at 5:15 AM in the summer. That is insane!

  • What are people from Connecticut called? I asked several up there and no one knew.

  • In Texas you will see Texas flags almost as much as American flags. I don't recall seeing any Connecticut flags.
  • There are only THREE Super Wal-Marts in the whole state. For comparison there are 7 within 50 miles of my house.

  • There are about one thousand pizza joints in each city. None of them are pizza buffets like CiCi's. My brother-in-law, Keith, has only seen those on TV, never been in one. That is just sad and we will fix that when they get to come down next.

  • There are only two Long John Silver's in the whole state (not that I really just love LJS but this was an observation), and they are both attached to Taco Bells. For comparison there are 9 just in San Antonio.

  • There are very few GOOD Mexican food places...if any, and good, no make that decent, tortillas are hard to find.

  • With the lack of room to build ranch style houses they must build up. Most houses have at least 3 stories, if you count the basement. We saw many houses where the garage was under the first floor. For some reason I really like that. I didn't get any pictures though.
  • The don't really have service roads running parallel to highways. You are either on the highway or you are in a town.

  • Speaking of can go 25 miles and pass through 8 towns without even knowing it. Going one way on a street you see a sign for a town. Turn around and go the other way and where you saw the first sign on the other side is the sign for the town you just left. We never really knew where we were. I needed the GPS for every trip beyond three or four steps out the door. It makes it hard to figure things out when across the street is a different town and we are not talking about a suburb of a big city.

To finish up, I do understand that this has nothing to do with Connecticut per say, but this is where it was and I wanted to share it. We went to this place for kids where it filled with large blown up things for kids to climb and bounce on. There was this one thing in the shape of a caterpillar where kids went in one side, went through it and then came out the other. Here are the beginning and end, I just don't know about the person who designed it!

Questionable Caterpiller In

Questionable Caterpiller Out

I gotta say the out bothered me more than the in...

So that is all the Connecticut I have for you. Of course, if you have any stories to add feel free to comment!

After our visit was over we got on a plane and flew southwest...the direction...not the airline. :)

Airplane Wing