Monday, June 15, 2009

Johnson Space Center - Houtson, TX

When Frankie and I were invited to an educator's conference in Houston, Frankie immediately said he wanted to go to NASA while we were there and I immediately started researching it online. That is how we work. He is the visionary and I make it happen.

The Johnson Space Center website was having a special offer for Memorial day, tickets bought online that weekend would be half off the regular gate price of $19.95 and would be good through the summer. Two for the price of can't say no to that! Tickets. Check!

Also during the summer Johnson Space Center would be featuring many artifacts from the George Lucas films including Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Frankie loves movies especially ones by George Lucas. Entertainment for hubby. Check!

Now enjoy some pictures from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.


Named for former President Johnson.


Astronaut in space.

Working Astronaut

Look! A real working "astronaut"! : P

First Men on Moon

First men on the moon.

First Moon Step

First step on the moon.

Saturn V

Saturn V - Larger than the Statue of Liberty!

historic mission control

Historic Mission Control: This is where the words, "Houston, the Eagle has landed." were heard.

state of the art

Up close of Mission Control. It was state of the art for the time.

In Orbit

I really like this picture. I think it is my favorite.

Here are my favorites pictures from the George Lucas collection:





It was very awesome to see all of this and it gave me a great appreciation of the space program and all they have done! It impressed Frankie as well. Now back at home he has been watching the NASA channel could be worse. : )