Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Leaving the Country of Texas

After a year an a half, Frankie and I got to travel to Connecticut again to see his sister, our brother-in-law, and their precious precious precious precious children. One precious for each child. Last time we drove, this time we flew.

The day of the flight went very well. The plane did not leave early so we didn't have to get up at some unsightly hour like 7:00 AM! We were able to pack that morning, which apparently was more than Frankie could handle. We took two suitcases. He put his stuff in one and mine in the other. I noticed that his clothes would fit better in one I was going to use so I wanted to switch. Here is roughly how the conversation went:

Me: Put your clothes in this bigger suitcase.

Frankie: But it would make it too heavy.

Me: It wouldn't be any different.

Frankie: If we put my clothes and both air mattresses in here it will be too heavy.

Me: Leave one air mattress in this suitcase and the other in the other suitcase.

Frankie: But where will you put your clothes?

Me: *giving him a look* In the other suitcase...

Luckily, we were able to get this all straightened out and finished getting things ready. We almost forgot to leave food for the cat. Oh, I would have felt just awful! But I did remember and he got super excited about getting that much food at once. I swear he drooled...which for our cat, Pan, is not that hard to imagine!

The car was packed with suitcases and dogs to take them to the kennel...the dogs that is...not the suitcases. The dogs don't care that we leave, as long as they get to ride in the car. The love we get from the dogs is heartfelt! Off we go...

At the airport they have computers to check-in yourself. We were going along just fine until the last step. I pushed one button and Frankie pushed another. Instantly, a message popped up saying, "Please see an attendant." It was Frankie's fault...of course. :)

Here is a great (read that corny) joke that we came across in the airport: Why don't dogs make good dancers? They have two left feet! HA!

We were soon on the plane towards our first stop, Atlanta!

Inside the Plane

I was hoping, just hoping, that I would get to see something, anything, dealing with the Atlanta Braves. (The best baseball team in the world!) After landing I saw this.

Not the Braves A

I thought for a brief moment that it was the Braves plane! Then I saw the side and it said AirTrans. I was so disappointed. I got over my disappointment quickly when we got to ride on the moving sidewalks. Those things are AWESOME! It feels like floating. I want one at home. I think I would go walking more! :)

I did get to see this at the Atlanta airport and it was good:

Seen In Atlanta Airport

Back in the air for our final leg of the trip. I love flying in the clouds. It is amazing to see them so close.

View at 30,000 Feet

We made it to Connecticut and to our family's house. But I will leave that for tomorrow. I am blogged out!