Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yildizlar Mediterranean Grill - Houston, TX

One of the many blogs I read mentioned that restaurant.com had a limited time special going where you could get a $25 gift card to a restaurant on their site for only $2 just by putting a code in at checkout!! Normally, the gift certificates vary in price, but they are less than the $25 gift certificate price, most at $10. It is a good deal even without the code.

Since we were heading to Houston, I decided that I could save us some money by purchasing a gift certificate from restaurant.com. There are stipulations on each of the gift cards but they vary. Some you had to spend $50 to use the $25 gift card and an 18% gratuity would be added before the discount was applied! I had to search to find one that I didn't mind the limits, and there were several.

I was able to search by area or by cuisine and it is not just Houston, it is all over America. The restaurants are not chains, so it gives you a chance to try something off the beaten path, maybe a cuisine or restaurants you wouldn't have tried otherwise. That was the case with us.

Frankie said he was game for anything, so I finally decided on Yildizlar Mediterranean Grill . We haven't had much exposure to Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food, so I was excited to try it. The stipulations were that we had to spend $35 in order to get the $25 off. It wasn't too hard to do and in the end we spent less than $13 for the meal including buying the certificate off the Internet. That is what we would have spent at a fast food place and the food we ate was 1,000 times better! Here was our order.

We shared an appetizer of stuffed grape leaves. (Still not sure what they were stuffed with but it was vegan and GOOD!) I got the lamb kabob plate with rice, squash, a Greek salad which had olives, feta cheese, and vinaigrette dressing, a small bowl of hummus dip, pita bread and tea. Frankie got the lamb and beef gyro plate with rice, potatoes, a Greek salad, a small bowl of yogurt dip, pita bread and tea. We also ordered dessert: lady fingers and baklava.

All of that for less than $13!! I was some wonderful food! They have sandwich plates with the same meats that are not as expensive so even without a gift certificate it would be reasonable.

If you are in Houston I highly recommend Yildzlar Mediterranean Grill.