Monday, September 7, 2009

No Rest for the Wicked

Or so the saying goes.

I am having trouble falling asleep tonight. Guess I got too much sleep over the Labor Day long weekend. It doesn't help that the dogs are passing gas or making some kind of noise, the husband is snoring, and the cat will not budge from "his spot" on the bed, which happens to be right at my knees, so that I can roll over.

So I waved the white flag and left the room. That takes care of two of the problems, but now the cat will be meowing and clawing at the bedroom door to where I moved. If I let him in he will then proceed to crawl and explore everything in the room as if he has never seen it before causing things to fall and make other noises. So, which do I put up with? I think I will keep him out. Not that I think for one second he will not know where I am. He always knows where I am. Creepy stalker cat! :P

Now for some ramblings since I haven't posted in awhile and in the hope that it will make me sleepy.

School is already in its third week here. Progress reports go out at the end of this week! I remember so well the first days of school last year and I can't believe a year has already passed. My classes are going well. I can't really complain too much. I like teaching all the different math classes but it is a chore to stay organized and have the lessons ready and papers graded. Luckily, this year I have a student aid who helps me grade. That has been a blessing! I don't have the students grading in class which was a fiasco all in itself, now they can spend more time learning or at least pretending to learn. :)

I can't wait until it starts to cool down here. It has some, but I find it hard to call it cool when it is still in the low 90's. Granted all summer has been 100+, so technically it has cooled down. Now, if we could just get some rain. I have been praying for it as has almost everyone else I know. I live in a farming community and they are in dire need of rain. God will provide. God will provide.

Hmmm...apparently rambling works. I am going to try to sleep now.

Good night all!