Monday, November 23, 2009

Love Ruin The Yard

It was pouring down rain the other morning when it was time to go out to the car for work. Frankie said he was going to take his chances and go for it. Off he went.

I wasn't completely ready so I didn't go out just yet. I heard him gunning the car but didn't really think much about it, because this is Frankie and these are things he does. He honks the horn, guns the car, etc. Not because he is impatiently waiting but because he knows it irritates me. Yes, he can be THAT immature.

I get everything together and look out the door. He is parked in the grass. I wonder what in the world he is doing. I am not going to walk in the too tall wet grass in the pouring rain and risk falling! I grab my phone to call him and when I do he is calling me.

He wanted me to know that he was in the truck because he got the car stuck in the mud when he was trying to get it closer to the house so that I wouldn't get as wet. Awwwhhhh....

Later he asked the neighbors if they could help pull it out with their tractor. They did and all was well, but now there are gouges in the yard. It is a good thing we don't really put much (read that any) effort into our lawn!

Here is a picture of the love that ruined the yard. I love you too, puppy! : )

tire tracks in mud