Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Much For Good Luck

After work today, Frankie dropped me off at the house then made a trip to town.

I saw a penny face up on the porch and thought, "Wonder how that got there!" On second thought, I probably said this out loud to myself. :) Anyhow, I picked up the penny thinking of the old adage, "Find a penny pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck." Plus, it was face up which is another superstitious good luck sign.

I then unlock the door to go inside our house. There is a, I would say, 1/4 of a step up into our house and the porch is maybe half of a foot from the house. Nothing major, but somehow I manage to stumble up the small step AND lose my shoe between the house and porch. There is a small collection of things now residing permanently there: a bottle of flavored water and a part to a wrench set. (Actually, that is not too bad for a year of living in this location!)

There is only two ways of getting anything that falls down that gap:

1) Crawl on hands and knees underneath the porch on all the sharp rocks to retrieve the item or,

2) Find something to push the item towards the end of the porch so it is reachable.

Of course, I am going to try the second option first! I got a yard stick and got the shoe flipped over so it was resting on its sole. Then I shove the yard stick into the shoe like the stick was going to wear the shoe. It was flexible enough to get it shoved in pretty far. Then slowly, oh so slowly, I brought the shoe up to the porch. Score!

I believe the words, "Good shoe!" were said and I happily went into the house. I was willing to crawl under the porch with all the rocks to get the shoe, but luckily I didn't have to.

Hmmm....maybe that is what the luck from the penny went towards after all. :)