Friday, February 12, 2010

Travel to Rome: (Castel Sant'Angelo) St. Angelo's Castle

Near Vatican City there is a round building with a statue of the arch angel Michael on top.

Sant'Angelo Castel

When Frankie saw it, he got all excited and started talking about the movie Angels and Demons and how this building was in it. This we had to check out!

St. Angelo's Castle was originally build as a emperor's mausoleum, but has been a fortress, a castle, a prison, a papal residence (with a secure covered passageway from the Vatican to the castle, still there), I use to live there (just kidding) and currently is a museum.

We bought our biglietti (tickets) for 8.50 Euros and went in.

Biglietti Sign

The original arch angel Michael statue that topped the castle was marble. It was replaced with the current bronze one in the 18th century. I personally like the original one by Rafaello da Montelupo better which is now located inside the castle in a courtyard.

Archangel Michael by Raffaello at St Angelo Castel

You can still evidence of a different time.

cannons and cannon balls

cannons at castel

There is a lot of walking, ramps, and stairs in the castle.

Frankie at castel

But it leads you to the top where the view of Rome is FANTASTIC!

st peters from castel

us at castel

Before leaving I went to bathroom. Not that you need to know this, but it leads to a story. I was pretty sure I walked into the women's restroom but there was a man standing in there. That is a little unnerving especially when you are in a foreign country and never sure if you are in the right place to begin with.

The man and a lady were trying to get a stall door opened. They have actual rooms for each toilet. It is nice. Almost like Buc-ees, if you have ever been there. Anyhow, a lady, I think it was anyways, it might have been a kid but there was no mother waiting nearby and no one was crying, somehow got locked in one of the little rooms. They were trying to get her out. I was a leery of going in one of the little rooms if I could possible get locked in! I wouldn't have handled it as calmly as the person trapped did. I would be crying like a big baby! It would have been embarrassing to say the least.

I don't know if they got it unlocked or not, because we went out of the castle to the Ponte Sant'Angelo (Bridge of Holy Angles) which leads out from the castle across the Tiber river to the center of Rome. I love this bridge! Here are a few different views of the bridge.

From the top of the castle.

bridge of angels3

Look at the different colors of the river in the next two. They were taken on different days. Rivers have moods you know!

bridge of angels

bridges of angels2

Once on the bridge there was loads to see and this was just a bridge! There was a guy standing on the bridge drawing the castle. I can't tell you if he really was drawing or not. I didn't see him make a mark. He put his pen in the ink and then traced over a line that was already there. IF he was drawing, then wow!

artist on bridge of angels

There is a bridge in Rome, dubbed the Bridge of Love. On it was a lamppost that people would put a lock on it. On the lock they would write their name and the name of the person they loved on it then throw the key into the river to show their eternal love for each other. The locks got so heavy that the lamppost started to buckle and had to be removed for safety reasons.

The Bridge of Angels we were on has the same tradition starting on it. There were not many, but it was still neat to see.

locks on bridge

The last photos are going to be the reason the bridge is called the Bridge of Angels. I loved the angels! They were beautiful. The last one is my favorite, that is why I made the photo bigger.

Angel with Column on Sant'Angelo Bridge

Angel with the Sudarium on Sant'Angelo Bridge

Angel with Nails on Sant'Angelo Bridge

Angel with cross on Sant'Angelo bridge

Angel with lance on Sant'Angelo Bridge