Saturday, February 13, 2010

Travel to Rome: Rome Sites

Through out our time in Rome we saw so many things. There are the larger popular sites, and then there are the random sites and the strange sites. I have blogged about the larger popular sites, now I would like to share the smaller random sites and just things we found to be different in Italy.

Upon arriving in Rome we, of course, needed to use the facilities. This was our second encounter with European toilets and it was still just as strange. There is very little water in the bowl and there were no tanks. I didn't catch it in the picture, but to flush you had to push a large button on the wall. There were actually two buttons, I never figured out what the difference was between the two.

European toilet

Other oddity in the bathroom was the hair dryer. This one had a little door that raised up so we could plug in an electric razor if we so desired. It looks more like a vacuum cleaner if you ask me.

Hair Dryer

I do have a story that goes with this. We decided to travel light and would wash some clothes in the sink. Frankie had the bright idea of using this hair dryer to help speed up the drying of his pants, but not in any type of normal way. I don't know if I should be proud of his ingenuity or embarrassed by his hillbilliness. :)

Drying pants

From our hotel room we had a wonderful view of Rome and the sunrise.


Out and about, walking in Rome there were many sites. One of the interesting things about Rome is the fact that all their stop signs use the word "STOP" in English and not Italian.

stop sign

Stop signs weren't the only reminders of America. There were also advertisements for American movies, in Italian, of course, but still we knew what they were for. Take for instance this one.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

One of our walks was to Campo de Fiori which means field of flowers. It is an outdoor market where you can find all kinds of things to buy. We were there on a Sunday and later in the day so there wasn't as many vendors, but it was still neat. This is an example of one of the vendors selling spices.

campo di fiori

At one stall they had many different types of pasta for sale. I asked how much the pasta was and I asked in Italian. The seller answered in English 3 Euros. Must have been the accent or the fact that we looked like tourist that he answered in English. We were going to pay the price he said but I guess it looked as if we hesitating because he then said that since Frankie was a big guy he could have it for free. Smiling but serious he said we could have two bags for 5 euros. He kept joking with Frankie and said that as big as Frankie was that he must be a member of the American mafia. The head boss. Another guy working with him also joked and said that Frankie and the seller must both be members of the mafia because they were bigger guys. We ended up buying some rainbow colored pasta and some teddy bear shaped pasta, both for family.

Other sites include Christmas lights. They are not like what we are used to seeing in America, that being string lights. These lights hung down between buildings of some of the smaller streets.

Here is one of the smaller streets.

Small road

And here are some of the Christmas lights.

christmas lights

I loved this! We would go down a side street and the noise of the city would die away. We would be walking down this small road of apartments with the Christmas lights twinkling above us. It was magical.

Another one of my favorite sites was the Tiber River that runs through Rome. Rivers are so peaceful to me. This is my favorite picture of the river.

Tiber River

A surprise find in Rome was this one section of the city where orange trees were not only growing but had oranges on them, in December no less!

orange trees

On most of the walls in Rome there was graffiti, but not like you see in America. It wasn't gang related from what I could tell. Unless there is the Pope gang and the Stencil know the truly scary ones!


The stenciled part says, "Defend your anger" not sure about the other part. Alrighty then...


I leave you with a final picture, it's a favorite of mine.

Rome car plate