Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day In The Life Of A Standardized Test Proctor

6:10 AM - Alarm went off, time to wake and get ready for my big day. Made sure to wear red, because have heard that it helps promote thought.

7:30 - Got to school and had duty outside. It was 42 degrees and I forgot my coat.

7:55 - First bell rings. Duty ended. Head to my classroom to tell my first period students where they need to go to test.

8:00 - Second bell rings dismissing everyone to go to their testing site. Head to my appointed room.

8:02 - Walk into a room with eighteen 7th graders (the whole grade minus two) and thankfully another teacher. This is who I will spend the morning with.

8:10 - The students have all been given water, a snack, two pencils, and a highlighter.

8:20 - The students have all been given their answer documents and test booklets.

8:30 - Instructions have been read and they start the test. The kids work and we, the teachers, stare at them. Was at least able to sit on a stool to actively monitor, but no reading, no computer, no work!

8:40 - Literally twiddled my thumbs for three minutes until got distracted by something.

8:52 - A kid raised their hand! Oh. He just needed to go to the restroom. Got excited for a moment.

8:55 - A train! There may have been others, but this is the first one noticed.

9:05 - Counted how many kids have braces in the room. Seven out of eighteen! That is almost 40%! Orthodontist are making a killing just off this class! All of them boys except one girl, but that statistic is misleading since there are only five girls in the room.

9:15 - Made an observational loop around the room. Can see all the kids from my stool but needed to move.

9:20 - Came to the realization that looking at the clock too often makes it slow down.

9:30 - Folsom Prison Blues is running through my head. Not sure why, maybe feeling trapped? Possibly because a second train just went by?

9:35 - Huh, just noticed that my shoes are dirty. Will have to clean them later.

9:40 - Almost cried when my coffee was gone. Now have nothing.

9:40:30 - Saw a cricket in the light fixture when was trying to get one more drop of coffee from my cup.

9:42 - Stood and rocked from heel to tip-toe, heel to tip-toe, heel to tip-toe, well you get the picture.

9:45 - Walking around and kept stepping on one pant leg, only one. Do I have a stumpy leg? Must measure when get home.

9:55 - Slight panic. Roster asked for FORM # for each kid and couldn't find it. Will have to ask someone with knowledge soon.

10:05 - Ack! Just noticed all the cat hair on my shirt. How did I miss that but notice my dirty shoes? Just so use to seeing cat hair on everything, I guess.

10:15 - A break from the room! I am out of here! For a few minutes anyways.

10:25 - Back from break and ready to monitor. After getting fresh air then coming back in the room noticed the room has a smell. Think it is called Middle School. You get use to it.

10:30 - FYI Stools are not comfortable.

10:37 - Train!

10:42 - Now the song Texas Our Texas is going through my head.

10:45 - Feet have finally warmed up from morning duty.

10:50 - Texas song again. Figured out why. A kid is reading a book with Texas in the title. He must have started reading it earlier.

11:00 - 55 minutes until lunch!

11:05 - Heard clock ticking off the seconds. Why haven't I noticed it until now?

11:17 - Now the "fun" part begins, keeping the kids quiet after all are done and until the bell for lunch. 38 minutes!

11:30 - 25 more minutes.

11:32 - Thinking about how to redecorate my bedroom. Large cursive words in different languages on the wall. That keeps coming to mind when thinking of redecorating.

11:40 - 15 minutes!

11:55 - Shew! It is over. Now back to my regularly scheduled day.